CO2 certificates

Circular Carbon designs and coordinates the process until marketable certificates are obtained.

Certifications through capturing CO2

Agriculture can make an important contribution to a climate-neutral economy through nature-based solutions.

Healthy soil can serve as a sink for CO2 emissions. Farmers can be certified and remunerated for this ecosystem service.

Circular Carbon designs and coordinates the process for the generation of marketable CO₂ certificates. CO₂ certificates can be used by customers in industry that we already supply with renewable energy. They help with a company’s transition to climate neutrality and positively influence supply chains.

Net Zero Bausteine

Certificates through building soil humus

We are currently refining our methods to provide measurable evidence of the build-up of soil humus through using biochar.

If farmers are remunerated for ecosystem services, we can help them make regenerative agriculture measures scalable and economically attractive.

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