Biochar for soil improvement

Biochar has a positive impact on soils in many ways.

Biochar for soil improvement

In most soils, the carbon content has become so low that a self-renewing living humus soil can only be built up with considerable effort and over several generations.
In regenerative agriculture, the soil is enriched with carbon. Biochar can play a decisive role in this process.

Organic fertiliser

As a soil conditioner, biochar promotes humus formation and plant growth.

The more carbon accumulates in the soil, the faster the soil can regenerate. Good soils in Germany have a humus content of around 3% and depend on constant fertilisation. A soil with a humus content of 7% or more is self-sustaining and regenerative. Biochar can help improve humus content.

Biochar is effective for depleted and tired soils. Due to its special composition with nutrients and trace elements it acts as an initiator for the formation of soil organisms which in turn build up soil carbon themselves in the form of humus.
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Enhanced soil quality

Biochar has a positive impact on soils in many ways.

Pore volume increases, and soil compaction is reduced, which improves the water and air balances. Water storage capacity is increased, which protects the soil during dry periods. The soil becomes looser overall, thereby reducing the number of passes necessary for tillage. Cation exchange capacity is increased, and microbial life is supported. The nutrient and base balance can regulate itself and the share of humus is increased. Potassium and phosphorus nutrients are mobilised, and the nitrogen balance becomes more sustainable. Industrial fertilisers can therefore be reduced. Overall biological activity increases. This can help, for example, with the formation of mycorrhiza. Soil pathogens are kept in check, soil pollutants are reduced, and plant growth is increased. As a result, fewer pesticides are needed. Yields and overall quality increase and remain stable in stress years.


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