Biochar for a sustainable circular economy

Circular Carbon produces biochar, a unique product that can improve soil quality and restore the natural microbiological balance of soils.

Production of biochar from organic waste

We use organic residues for producing biochar and are thereby transforming it into a natural sink of CO2. At the same time, our technology generates renewable energy from the same waste material.
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Biochar – an all-rounder

Biochar is a fine-grain, highly porous material consisting largely of carbon and minerals. It acts as a carrier for microorganisms and improves the cation exchange capacity.
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Sequestering and reducing CO2

The circular carbon cycle closes open material flows, reduces CO2 emissions and captures CO2 from the atmosphere. At the same time, we supply our customers with climate-neutral energy.
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Headline Circular Carbon = Circular Economy

Our Services – Made in Germany


Biochar is the output of our carbonisation process and input material for soil fertility and animal health.

Plant construction

We develop and manage the entire project for constructing a pyrolysis plant for industrial use. The plant provides customers with both biochar and CO₂-free process heat or steam.

CO2 certificates

The result of transforming your processes: CO2 reductions and negative emissions.

tons per year
tons per year
MWh per year
CO2 Savings: up to 16,800* tons per year

This equals around 1 million trees.
*Numbers can vary depending on feedstock and local conditions.


Circular Carbon

We founded Circular Carbon in 2018. We design, develop and operate pyrolysis plants for the production of biochar. This technology transforms waste for use in a circular economy approach. In addition, the carbonisation process generates renewable energy. In Hamburg, we have built the largest carbonisation plant in Germany.
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econnext AG

We are a member of the econnext Group, a sustainability holding and our partner for delivering on our shared mission to advance the circular economy.

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